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About Elixium Capital

We’ve been promoting Moonshot technologies since 2014 on Twitter. We’re currently focused on promoting the Blockchain technology and Cryptocurrencies.
Our most impressive public investment calls were made in 2014 (Ethereum and Dash). Both investment calls have resulted in far in excess of a 100x return on investment if the investment was initiated at the time of our first mention of these Blockchain powered platforms/Cryptocurrencies.

As a very small startup we were unable to capitalize on our investment calls / invest significantly in Ethereum & Dash. We’re working on building a revenue stream associated with the large scale promotion of Cryptocurrencies on our Twitter accounts which now have more than 60,000+ followers collectively. Our goals are to be able to invest significantly in our present & future investment calls and to be able to pursue our own moonshot projects.

We’re currently building blueprints for our own moonshot which is unlike anything that already exists and is related to the trading of financial markets.
We may discuss this with select investors at our discretion.


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